Co-founder: Damir Allen
Damir is a scientist with a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology. Though his specialty is animal behaviour, when he was approached with a chance to work towards healing the ocean through biofiltration he leapt at the opportunity. Now applying his academic talents to the problem, he hopes to bring this project to bear against one of the biggest threats facing what he considers his blue home.
Founder: Nicholas LaValle
Nicholas is the original founder of Clean Valley. Formulating the concept of the bio-filter, conducting the initial customer discovery, commissioning the prototype design, consolidating thousands of academic research papers, and jump-starting the venture. Nicholas has held the initial vision of Clean Valley, building the team who strive to eradicate the Microplastic crisis. Driven by his passion, Nicholas has restlessly sought to create a blue ocean solution that solves an aquaculture pain.
Co-founder: Zhen Xiong
Zhen is a business professional with Bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. With a dedicated mind to contribute to a better world, he aims to leverage his abundant experience in marketing, business development, design and investor relation to help Clean Valley CIC grow into the next stage. With nearly a year experience with the largest Canadian marine protection and research organization Marine Environment Observation and Prediction and Response, he is ready to develop further.
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The Team

Biomask Technical Lead: Dr. Sneha Shanbhag
Chief Procurement Officer: Timothy Edmonds
Timothy is a Dal undergraduate completing a Commerce degree in 2019, a NS born Canadian military policeman. Completing co-ops with the department of defense in procurement. Timothy's interest in procurement has been beneficial to the procurement and assembly of the current iterations of Clean Valley’s prototypes. Analytical in his research, and forthcoming in his execution, Timothy’s ability to find novel solutions has been an asset to the innovation of the company.
Chief Technology Officer: Hunter Bishop
Hunter is a Halliburton born environmental engineer graduate from Georgian College in Ontario with a keen eye for distance-perception. Hunter and Nicholas both worked for the same environmental firm and both have an appreciation for innovative solutions. Hunter designed the biofilter prototype and continues to provide innovative insight with each iteration
Water Engineer: Dr. Kaycie Lane
Kaycie’s current research focuses on developing water safety plans and risk management strategies for small, remote and indigenous water supply systems in Atlantic Canada. Kaycie has worked with First Nations, municipal systems, homeowners, computer science students, and other researchers to find better ways to understand risk in water systems, by using water quality data and operational experiences of personnel involved in treating water. She is currently working on completing a PhD. at Dal
A graduate from MUN, he has returned home to Halifax after being accepted into the master of resource & environmental management. Gregory has worked diligently with the DFO and Oceans Canada among other environmental firms throughout the Canadian Maritimes. Currently, he’s now applying his previous knowledge and insight to sources species in a sustainable manner. Additionally, he has begun research potential sustainable disposal of the collected contaminated material with Sustane Technologies
Accounts Specialist: Julian Alexander
Species Specialist: Mitchell Hewitt
A graduate of Dalhousie completing his undergrad specializing in Marine Biology (BSc). Mitch is completing his master’s in marine biology (MSc) with Dalhousie. Mitch’s knowledge of species life cycles has been critical in the proper care and selection of species for the Beta test. He will assist in creating lab best practices for Clean Valley, design the Beta procedures, and testing the Beta prototype.
Global Market Specialist: Carter Knight
Carter is an undergraduate of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where he currently studies international business. Carter currently assists Clean Valley by researching and identifying potential clients, as well as identifying new potential marketing ideas. Carter has extensive knowledge and insight from working with various industries (homebuilding, hospitality, service) around the state of North Carolina and his portfolio of accounts has represented a total of $15,000 dollars
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