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Poseidon's Bio-filter

Treating the dissolved waste within an onshore aquaculture facility is a concern of the past. Poseidon's bio-filter is an affordable solution to prevent any hinderance on production. Scale sustainable while generating new revenue.

This nature-based solution utilizes the efficiency of algae to uptake waste within the water then consumed by bivavles to clean the water. Tested to treat both marine and freshwater, this process has proven time and time again from a Benchmark Prototype to a Proof of Concept it's filtration ability.

During the summer of 2020, Clean Valley's Research and Development team conducted five external demonstrations of our Minimum Viable Product. The tests were conducted under ideal conditions with the testing being done by Innovation Waste Management Laboratory at Dalhousie University revealed industry standards of filtration. 

Our next milestone is to test a Proof of Concept on our pre-qualified site, siphoning a portion of their waste water to the same 95% filtration efficiency. 



External Demonstrations Conducted


Wastewater filtration efficiency that we have achieved and will continue to meet.


Our qualified leads in our beachhead market

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