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SeaWeave Biomask

This versatile antiviral compostable biomask is ready to be deployed on the frontlines with first responders. Coated in a seaweed extract, compostable in the average Green Bin, this solution is natures response to any virus.

The pandemic of 2020 showed there has been a lack of innovation in how we protect ourselves and others with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The reliance on single use plastics, the lack of local production capacity of high-grade filtering material, and supply shortage for the first responders were hard lessons to learn. The need for PPE created locally utilizing the proven antiviral materials sourced in Canada for the first responders who risk their lives without adequate protection is remedied with the SeaWeave Biomask.

Clean Valley CIC is developing an antiviral coating and compostable antiviral facemask made using natural polymers and algae-derived compounds. The modern society relies heavily on synthetic chemicals to tackle the spread of infection. However, historically, several plant and animal based compounds have been used as microbicides. At Clean Valley, we focus on developing solutions that are inspired by natural processes, and can be derived directly from nature. We have thereby applied a similar approach to use natural compounds found in the Canadian land and marine environment to develop substrates that can filter and deactivate viral particles, while also addressing the large waste management problem generated by disposable personal protective equipment.



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