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The Biomimicry Bio-Filter

A waste water filtration system designed to filter 95% of wastewater produced from onshore aquaculture facilities. Our filter clarifies wastewater, increasing facility efficiency without the use of chemicals. Same process, higher performance, and new revenue

Seaweed Antiviral Biomask

COVID-19 highlighted the lack of effective Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) made in Canada. This locally sourced, seaweed-based mask is being tested for its antiviral ability to block pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2.


How Does It Work?

The bio-filter is a nature-based solution for industry wide problems, specifically the aquaculture industry whose traditional filtration methods are unsustainable. The aquaculture industry is receiving bad press and even harsher regulatory scrutiny for their treatment of their wastewater. Clean Valley's bio-filter is here to help the land-based aquaculture sector that generally has had three options for their wastewater: dump it, truck it, or pay hundreds of thousands to treat it. 

The bio-mask is our second product that is a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic created with Canada’s first responders who are in need of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). The bio-mask is an anti-viral, biodegradable, ASTM/NIOSH certifiable solution to combat the current pandemic and pandemics to come.


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