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We Are Algae Farmers

Nature-based Solutions for Aquaculture


Poseidon’s Biofilter is an industry leader for sidestreaming onshore aquaculture effluent, growing microalgae and shellfish

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We leverage the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.
We highly encourage using business as a force for positive change.

Rethinking Our Climate Responsibilities


We leverage science to introduce unique and eco friendly materials driven from renewable resources

Sustainable Material Innovations


We believe the responsible use of materials will lead to a waste free future. A sustainable future starts by reducing our carbon footprint on the planet.

We Take


We co-create with nature to invent balanced, efficient, & sustainable solutions, reducing the negative impacts
of industry while addressing
the consumer demands.

Nature as Our

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By making sustainable materials both accessible and functional we aim to shift consumer’s behaviours to be more sustainable

Planting a Seed for Green Consumption

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Closely monitoring the life cycle of our products to shift away from a linear economy towards a low carbon emitting, regenerative, circular responsible economy.

Shifting From a Linear to a Circular Economy




Clean Valley CIC is a young and talented group of entrepreneurs, engineers, and environmental scientists with nature-based ideas for Canadian Innovation

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Land acknowledgement: our headquarters is on the unceded territory of the Mi'kmaq. We are all treaty people.

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