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We increase your triple bottom line

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Empowering Sustainability,
Nurturing Ecosystems

Clean Valley empowers triple bottom line growth of land based aquaculture for profitability, sustainability and community impact. Our goals are to create sustainable change for farmers globally.

We increase your triple bottom line.

(people, planet, profit)

What We Offer To You
Our biofilter & hatchery are designed to help your production and growth while making your farms more sustainable.

Our Algae Biofilter

Our algae filter is a new solution for cleaning water in aquaculture. It uses algae to meet industry standards and make valuable byproducts. This helps aquaculture follow regulations and make extra money, whether in marine or freshwater facilities.

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Wayne Carter, COO of Aqua Production Systems

Oyster hatcheries aid in the restocking efforts of oyster farms and natural habitats, ensuring a steady supply of oysters and maintaining the delicate balance of marine ecosystems. Hatcheries contribute to preserving this valuable seafood resource for future generations.

António Correia, Aquanostra's CEO 

"In aquaculture, being still a very young industry, compared with other protein production industries, we still have a lot to learn and explore. This means a lot of challenges but also a lot of opportunities for innovation"

Wayne Carter, COO of Aqua Production Systems

"By providing an ideal environment for oyster larvae to grow and develop, hatcheries contribute to preserving this valuable seafood resource for future generations."

Neptune Hatchery

Our hatchery helps oyster farmers grow strong oyster spat and encourages sustainable practices. We support farmers in adopting eco-friendly methods, ensuring the lasting success of their farms. This not only nurtures the ecosystem but also promotes their aquaculture for a better future.

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Our headquarters is on the unceded territory of the Mi'kmaq. We are all treaty people.

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