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The Team

Meet the team of people behind Clean Valley and their drive for success in sustainability and the environment.


Nicholas, an environmental technician with eight years of experience in air monitoring, noticed progress in reducing air emissions but little focus on water pollution.


He pursued entrepreneurship at Dalhousie University and conceptualized Clean Valley CIC during a study abroad program in the Netherlands.

Embracing inclusivity, the company aimed to create innovative, nature-inspired solutions.


Nicholas's profound understanding of the link between humanity and water drove his commitment to ensure clean water accessibility for all, involving stakeholders in building a sustainable future.

Nicholas LaValle

Founder & CEO

Hunter Bishop

Co-Founder & CTO

Hunter, an Environmental Engineer Graduate, spent nearly a decade working on emissions compliance and biochar refinement.


Joining the Clean Valley project, he led the development of the Poseidon's Biofilter, evolving it into the advanced Mark 9 design. Hunter also co-designed hatchery models for Clean Valley's upcoming initiatives in 2023 and 2024.


Currently, he seeks to expand his expertise with ongoing education, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Engineering alongside his CET in Mechanical Engineering. His dedication to sustainable solutions drives Clean Valley's success and innovation.


Santino Spahiu

Water Engineer

Ph.D. Cand. in Hydrology and Water Resources

Santino is a water engineer and university lecturer at the Polytechnic University of Tirana, specialised in hydrology and hydraulic systems. Throughout his career, he has worked on water/wastewater treatment plants, sewage systems, and hydropower plants, providing technical consultancy for projects in the feasibility and execution phase. He has been involved in projects across the EU region, optimizing existing wastewater treatment plants and modernizing wastewater collection systems. Santino has been working alongside Clean Valley since 2022 as a biofilter development researcher.


George Boyd

Green Engineer in Training

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, 2022,
Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS

George is a Green Engineer in training with multiple years of laboratory and design experience in chemical processes.

George takes a key role in the technical development and testing of our algae biofilter, as well as leading Clean Valley's novel research into algae polycultures in waste treatment. George is the project manager for Clean Valley's overseas trial in Portugal, demoing our biofilter.

Our Advisors

Meet the team of advisors that help Clean Valley and guide them to success and growth.


Ben Wiper


Ben Wiper, an accomplished entrepreneur and finance expert, serves as an advisor to Clean Valley. With extensive experience in finance, technology, and business operations, Ben has successfully founded and led companies, securing over $3M in grants and financing. His expertise in corporate accounting, project management, and business planning has driven significant growth and innovation in various industries. Ben's strategic insights and problem-solving skills make him an invaluable asset to Clean Valley, contributing to its mission of sustainable development and environmental impact.


Dennis Young


Dennis Young, a Certified Management Consultant with over 30 years of experience, serves as an advisor to Clean Valley. He has a rich background in IT project management, business strategy, and process transformation across healthcare, public, and private sectors. As the Managing Partner of Barrington Edge Consulting, Dennis has successfully led large-scale projects, developed innovative technology solutions, and provided strategic guidance to numerous organizations. His expertise in business analytics, cloud computing, and cybersecurity, combined with his strong leadership skills, makes him a valuable asset to Clean Valley's advisory team.


Greg English


Greg English, an environmental scientist with a robust background in marine and aquatic biology, serves as an advisor to Clean Valley. With a Master’s in Resource and Environmental Management from Dalhousie University and extensive experience in research and environmental assessments, Greg has a proven track record in managing large-scale projects and conducting critical ecological studies. His skills in data collection, GIS mapping, and project management, combined with his hands-on experience at Fisheries & Oceans Canada and other organizations, make him an invaluable asset to the advisory team.


Dr. Sneha Shanbhag


Dr. Sneha Shanbhag, an expert in material science and chemical processes, serves as an advisor to Clean Valley. With over 15 years of experience in research and development, Sneha has a proven track record in developing sustainable technologies for energy storage, water remediation, and polymer composites. Her leadership in industry-academia collaborations and proficiency in process cost modeling make her an invaluable asset to the team. Sneha's innovative approach and deep technical expertise drive the advancement of Clean Valley’s mission in addressing critical environmental challenges.

salmon on splinter.jpg

Bill Hogans


Bill Hogans, a biologist with extensive expertise in fish parasitology and aquaculture, serves as an advisor to Clean Valley. With a background spanning over three decades, Bill has led numerous research programs and managed large-scale projects in aquaculture and environmental biology. As the owner of Tongue Shoal Aquasciences and a former senior advisor at the New Brunswick Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Fisheries, his work has significantly advanced the understanding and management of fish health and aquaculture systems. Bill's deep knowledge and innovative approaches make him an invaluable asset to the advisory team.

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