Poseidon's Biofilter

Poseidon's biofilter is a nature-based solution for industry wide problem. Onshore Aquaculture has a growing demand to meet the supply for protein. By 2050 there will be 10 billion people on earth all needing sustainably produced food. Onshore aquaculture has a capacity problem, the industries problem is the treatment of waste.  Our Biofilter is a nature-based solution for the onshore aquaculture industry, providing cleaner effluence to allow facilities to grow and meet the global demand for fresh fish. Ready to be implemented at any marine or freshwater facility and capable of treating waste at the industry standard. The Poseidon bio-filter is a dissolved treatment process that meets the regulation of tomorrow while generating you new streams of revenue.

Why our Biofilter?


Quick Set Up




Additional Revenue




Reduced Environmental Impact


Does not Treat Flavour Compounds


Plug and Play Into Any Onshore System


Treats Ammonia and Phosphorus

Water Quality Control


Optimal Sanitary Conditions


Minimum Water Requirement


Nitrogenous & phosphorus discharge compliance

A water treatment system is the smart investment for onshore aquaculture wastewater in comparison to trucking or dumping the waste. The treatment of dissolved solids such as ammonia and phosphorus is vital to the survival of onshore aquaculture. Putting the Fisheries Act Section 34(C)’s mandate against deleterious substances aside, fish cannot survive in tanks with ammonia above 0.5 mg/l, and dissolved solids biofilter treatment systems reduce maintenance costs. Poseidon’s Biofilter reduces maintenance cost for the facility through three metrics.

1. Efficiency in water quality requires less water to be pumped into a facility.
2. Recurring costs of Poseidon’s Biofilter over a ten year period is approximately
    half in comparison to the current state-of-the-art bacteria biofilters.
3. The revenue generated by the valorization of the Biofilter’s byproducts create cost-savings passed onto the facility.

Each facility is different because of the species they are growing. That said, all facility benefit from the ability to recirculate their water.
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Partial Treatment


Flow rates:  <5-50 GPM



Flow rates:  50-1500 GPM

Full Treatment


95% nitrogenous filtration

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