Who We Are?

Clean Valley CIC is a young and talented group of entrepreneurs, engineers and environmental scientists with a nature-inspired ideas for Canadian Innovation. We provide nature-based solutions for the aquaculture industry and medical technology. With dedicated services and mindset, we believe that innovative technology can edge businesses in a sustainable and efficient direction. As outlined in our Companies Community Interest Policy, a policy agreed upon by all directors of Clean Valley, a Community Interest Company.

Our Mission

Our mission we aim to utilizes nature-inspired technology to solve industry sized problems. Our team constantly gets inspired by unique treasures in nature and work to mimic these strategies into tangible products for our daily lives.

We value nature for what we can learn, not what we can extract, harvest, or domesticate. We aim to create a more sustainable future by introducing green and nature-based technologies.

Meet Our Team

Nicholas LaValle

Co-founder and Comprehensive Designer

A dynamic exocentric 
believer intent on building all things brilliant

Founder and CEO

Damir Allen

Principal Marine Biologist

An avid ocean lover, when not working on projects Damir loves to scuba dive and teach ocean facts to whoever listens.

Timothy Edmonds

Vice President of Product Development

When taking a break from Clean Valley's innovative work, Tim enjoys staying active by hiking or biking his way through wooded trails.

Damir Allen
Roya Aghighi

Biogarmentrist-Design Investigator

Roya is a multidisciplinary designer and artist. She enjoys coming up with out of the box food recipes and divergent
art projects

Roya Aghighi

Zhen Xiong

Co-founder and Public Relations Officer

Zhen is an avid traveler and photographer. He also enjoys outdoor exploration and martial arts.

Hunter Bishop

Hunter is a mechanically inclined thinker. Always trying to understand how things work. He has helped develop technology in many fields.

Hunter Bishop

Chief Technical Officer

Zachary Delong

Sustainability Specialist

Zachary Delong


A true explorer of science,
Zach develops testing methods, contributes to
professional authoring, and experimental designs

 Health Safety Management

Beside Community Development and Entrepreneurship, Oscar uses critical thinking to figure out how to manage environmental challenges impacting communities

Anthony Edmonds

Development Team Lead

In his free time between designing bio-filter iterations, Anthony has been busy with home energy efficiency renovations. 

Special Advisors

Dr. Sneha Shanbhag

Technical Advisor

In between a busy Scientist life, Sneha loves to explore the outdoors with her family and tries her hand at new complex recipes in the kitchen.

Dr. Kaycie Lane

Water Engineer and Water Supply Specialist

If not writing experimental design procedures, Kaycie is teaching and choreographing fitness routines for her classes and clients.