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Clean Valley Consultations

The health of the fish is critical to onshore aquaculture especially for recirculating facilities. Clean Valley CIC subscribes to the best Aquaculture practices and utilizes them alongside colorimeters, industry expertise and water quality technology to provide our customers the most comprehensive review of their water. We have four key pillars when reviewing a facility: Efficiency, Sustainability, Marine Specialty, and Seven Generations of Design. Our teams' expertise and extended network will assist your facility in meeting the growing demand for sustainable protein with consulting services that include the following:

      - Water quality analysis reports (Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Phosphorus, Oxygen, Algae, pH, Temperature)

      - Flow Rates calculations
      - Treatment consultation
      - Re-use and recirculation consultation
      - Extended services consultation: Probiotic resistance mapping, transportation water quality reporting,               

         innovative stock feed, co-product development and waste valorization.

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